About Me:


    I'm Katy and as a born and raised Nevadan I've always had a passion for animals. From my time in 4-H during school to riding horses both for leisure and competition. I've maintained a steadfast, and hands-on approach to the training and well-being of all my animals. From middle-of-the-night treatments to helping a new life being born into the world, my life has consistently revolved around the betterment and realities of animal care and training.

    Naturally, the next step in my career was to put my lifetime of training, understanding and accomplishments to productive use.  I decided to focus on how I could make a real difference to our community and stay involved in what my passion is. As such, I enrolled and graduated from Animal Behavior College Dog Obedience Program.  It is through this discipline that my passion continues.  Moreover, it is my personal mission statement to provide the best dog training possible for both the dogs and the owners.  It is my belief that the relationship between owner and dog is a nexus of both respect and discipline and it is through this partnership that I believe I can provide the conduit to facilitate this. I’m looking forward to working with you!

    Having been training for 7 years professionally, where I have learned many different techniques and worked several different types dogs with different behavioral issues, I'm always wanting to learn and improve my knowledge. 

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