Methods & Tools 

Being a balanced trainer means I use clear communication with your dog and owner during training.  Using different tools and techniques depending on what works best for the dog to help meet the owners goals. 

Please familiarize yourself with the tools I use. If you have any questions or concerns I will be happy to answer them along with showing you how they work properly during a Free Consultation. 


Treats: I use a variety of different treats during your dog's stay. The brand varies depending on what the dog likes and if the dog has any food allergies. Treats are a great way to teach obedience and build a bond with the dog.

Kibble/Dog Food: When your dog stays with me we will feed them out of our hands. This allows us to build a strong bond as well as control when they are getting rewarded for making good choices. This is something we will expect you to continue when your dog comes home from a board and train. 

slip lead.jpg

The Slip Lead: This tool is great for puppies or really sensitive dogs. With a combined collar and leash, it makes for a very simple tool that can also give proper corrections. I do not recommend this tool for dogs that pull or that are reactive on leash.

Our favorite brand: Mendota

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The E-collar (Shock Collar): Easily the most misunderstood tool out there. 

Some of the behaviors that an ecollar can help stop; barking, whining in crate, reactivity, chasing cats or small animals along with other things.

The only brand I use: E-technologies

*Please do NOT buy an ecollar without seeking professional help.*

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The Prong Collar: This may look terrifying but it's actually one of the safest collars you can possibly use. Why? Because when your dog pulls, the pressure is distributed evenly around the neck. This collar mimics a correction that dogs understand "a bite". This tool can be used very softly in order to communicate with your dog.  

The ONLY brand I recommend: Herm Sprenger 

This collar comes is included in my Board and Train Programs.